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What is Azelaic Acid and how can it be used

What is Azelaic Acid and how can it be used

What is Azelaic Acid and how can it be used?

In a nutshell, azelaic acid is a dicarboxylic acid that aims to cleanse and exfoliate the skin and can be typically metabolized with yeast, it can be extracted from many sources.  Azelaic acid is produced synthetically from your own skin using your own yeast; nevertheless, this can also be made out of seeds and cereals in the laboratory, 

Fusco. Fusco claims it is also keratolytic (decreases keratin), anti-inflammatory and also has antioxidants, in addition to being a comedolytic (means that it avoids comedones) and helping to exfoliate deep within the pores. It’s an an excellent acid, as we have said.

While Fusco and Gerstner recommends organic acid (both Finacea and Azelex) of 15% to 20% each, it also has less potency when gotten over the counter, and could be less than 10%.

Azelaic acid is used in topical leave-on treatments and comes in spray, paste and cream types, formulated to also be applied in different areas of the body. Of example, the shape of the spray is more fitting than a tiny cream or patch for a larger area such as the face.

Once you imagine about treating of any form of acne, azelaic acid may not have been the first ingredient you think of, or even the fifth solution, let’s be completely frank, it should be.

Azelaic Acid deserves some more public awareness than what is currently, in the beauty world, It should become a favorite of dermatologist for its softness and versatility (it helps to do so far than just acne breakouts).

We have switched to the professionals to explain comprehensively the full range of the advantages of using this excellent skin care organic acid.  Keep reading to find out this organic ingredient in skin care which you won’t even know you needed to be obsessed with.

More about Azelaic Acid

AZELAIC ACID INGREDIENT: Exfoliant found in grains etc.
BENEFITS OF THIS ACID: Treatment of acne, fighting of rosacea, and the removal of dead cells in the skin, it also lightens pigmentation.
WHO CAN USE IT: Everyone with Acne-prone skin, Rosaceous skin and hyperpigmentation is generally should used it. It is prescribed for all sorts of skin types, it is also suitable for pregnant people.
HOW OFTEN SHOULD I USE IT: It can be used twice in a day or just once in a day especially for the people with very sensitive skin type

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