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What Causes Stretch Marks

Today on the blog, we will be discussing what causes stretch marks. Stretch marks can be very annoying and bothersome to a lot of people mostly stretch marks occur during pregnancy but can also be seen during growth spurts or When there is a lot of weight gain. So today, I’ll be discussing all the aspects of stretch marks including the ones seen in pregnancy and how it can be prevented.

 So what are stretch marks?

stretch marks are a type of scar that occurs because of undue stretching of the skin, which is beyond its elastic limit. What happens is that the skin fibers tend to break and that leads to the appearance of stretch marks. So these are actually scars which are there on the skin. They can appear on the abdomen on the breasts on the thighs and even behind your knees.

what does a stretch mark look like

when it appears a fresh stretch mark has a reddish hue, to it It looks slightly red in color and over time as it matures It becomes pale and they are usually lighter than the natural skin tone and over time They also become thinner and become less visible.  So it starts out as red and then over time becomes lighter and pale colored. 

Causes Of Stretch Marks


It is seen that about 55 to 90 percent of pregnant women get stretch marks. So along with the stretching of the skin, there are certain changes that occur within the skin as a result of changes in the hormone That makes skin more prone to develop stretch marks. This is why stretch marks during pregnancy is very prevalent. They can occur on the abdomen, breast, hips, thighs and even buttocks. 

Risk Factors

It has been seen that women who get pregnant at a younger age or who have had history of having stretch marks on their thighs, on their breasts, are at a higher chance of developing stretch marks during pregnancy. Also, women who have a higher pre-pregnancy weight or pre-delivery weight and women who deliver babies with a higher birth weight are also more predisposed to develop stretch marks.


There is also genetic predisposition meaning thereby that women who have mothers and sisters who have had stretch marks.

They are also other likely causes of stretch marks which include;

  • Such as increased alcohol intake
  • reduced water intake
  • Malnutrition and gestational diabetes  

But these have not been proven. Even if genetically predisposed Women who did heavy work and athletes had reduced number of stretch marks than those who did not do heavy work.

Health Conditions

Health conditions like the Marfan’s syndrome could also be responsible for development of stretch marks on different parts of the body.


Corticosteroid pills have side effects that include reduction in the collagen of the skin that adds to what causes stretch marks.

It is important to note that the first step in treating stretch marks is finding out it’s causes so you can do your best to avoid these risk factors although not completely possible but like they always say, prevention is better than cure. 




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