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Itchy Stretch Marks

Today we’ll be discussing what causes itchy stretch marks and what to do about it. most people don’t know it’s a thing but it actually is. Although predominant among pregnant women or women who just put to bed, it can still be caused by other factors asides pregnancy.

First of all, what are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are tears on the skin caused when the collagen in the skin cannot keep up with the fluctuation in body size .

They are usually white to red lines on your stomach, breasts, buttocks, or other areas of your body that you might see. Besides the size, you may also experience severe itchiness, which during pregnancy and other weight fluctuations is more likely to occur with newly developed stretch marks.

Causes Of Itchy Stretch Marks

Initially, new stretch marks are colored pink, red, or purple. Also, fresh stretch marks are more likely to itchy. You will turn white when stretch marks heal. Most stretch marks, though sometimes horizontal, run vertically along your body.

Itchy skin are actually a sign that stretch marks are healing. By creating the itchy sensations, your nerves react with dermal tearing. This is also why, after you have lost weight, your stretch marks may itch.

Pregnancy and itchy stretch marks

In some women, pregnancy can cause rapid weight gain, especially in the areas of the hip, thigh, and abdomen. Some women in these areas are more likely to develop stretch marks, and may itch as they heal.

It is also possible to attribute itchiness to more than just stretch marks associated with pregnancy. Some pregnant women develop a rash called urticarial pruritic papules and pregnancy plaques (PUPPP). PUPPP can develop directly on top of your stretch marks in some cases, causing extreme itchiness.

Non pregnancy related factors

Although pregnancy is one of the leading causes of stretch marks, there are other factors that could cause itchy stretch marks asides pregnancy. Some examples are;

  • Being overweight or obese
  • puberty
  • family history
  • Medical conditions like Cushing syndrome and marfan syndrome
  • rapid weight gain or weight loss
  • frequent hormonal fluctuations

Relief remedies for itchy stretch marks

It is important to note that scratching these itchy stretch marks can cause cuts and bruises to develop on the skin thereby exposing your skin to infections.

Some remedies you can try include;

cocoa butter

Due to it’s soothing effect, it is also effective in keeping the skin hydrated and also reducing the itchiness of the stretch marks.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil also helps to soothe the skin while also alleviate the itching. other plant based oils like olive oil can also help to soothe the skin

SPARKS stretch mark oil

Due to the presence of aloe gel, vitamin E and other organic skin friendly nutrients, SPARKS stretch mark oil is also a very viable options when it comes to dealing with itchy stretch marks.

It is also important to note that it is advisable to start treating the stretch marks at an early stage because the older they get, the more difficult they would be to heal.

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