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How To Fade Stretch Marks


This article will explain my struggles and success as i tried to fade stretch marks on my body. Well, my promising career as a stripper ended when I was 16, That’s when I started getting so many stretch marks because I was getting so fat, that, well, I’m still covered in them.

I’ve lost 100 pounds using the Bulletproof Diet, and I’ve been able to hack so many things that happen to you when you get to be obese. But eliminating stretch marks is something that happens before you get them I decided to sit down and figure out what I could have done to fade stretch marks. If you look closely at my legs, you’d see a lot of these marks.

There was nothing I could do about it. If you look on the right side of my inner thighs, you can see that I’ve treated this side with lasers not because I’m vain but because I want to know what I could do. My tummy actually looks much better, you can barely see the marks and I’ll tell you how i did it.

But I have zebra stripes going down my arms, something that I’ll probably always have. It didn’t need to happen. Stretch marks can affect anyone who gains weight quickly, not just pregnant women.

When I lost 100 pounds on the Bulletproof Diet I decided I wanted to write a book for myself, the stuff that would have helped me fade stretch marks, if only I’d known it It’s so much easier to just do it right in the first place.

Also, as a wife and mother, I thought it might be helpful to do this research before my husband and I got pregnant, so that she could avoid stretch marks. Let me tell you, the product worked, not a stretch mark after two kids, even though we had our second child when i was 42 years old, When you have a child later in life you’re more likely to get stretch marks because your skin is tired and the collagen might be too weak to keep up with expansion that is happening.

How it all started

  What I’m about to tell you is an effective way to fade stretch marks without having to spend money on lasers and i’ll tell you, the results are more effective than lasers!, yes i said it!.

before we get to the end of this article, I’ll tell you the secret, just stick around. The best part is that it’s quite cheap and quite effective. 

I want everyone to read this article fully so everyone can do better to make their skin as strong, and resilient, and beautiful as possible. This isn’t just for pregnant women or obese people , if you’re working out and you notice a small stretch mark on the side of your things or on your arm, you should start taking these preventive measures on how to fade stretch marks.

I used to have stretch marks on my thighs, armpits, on my breasts too and also on my hips but now you can barely  notice how bad they are except for some parts where i tried other things.

When i started to get older and needed to do stuff that needed me to wear little or no clothes, i usually felt insecure. Don’t get me wrong, i was a hottie in my 20’s especially after i started working out. But the fact that these marks were virtually taking over my body made me hate my body. 

My greatest help

One of the most supportive people in my life has been my husband. I remember the first day i had to be naked, i was so shy and i didn’t want to turn on the lights but he encouraged me and told me he loved me regardless. He promised to fight these stretch marks with me and also make sure i never felt insecure in my life. That was a life defining moment in my life. We tried loads of products and he also paid for the laser treatment. After our 2nd child, we were watching some netflix movies together when he told me that there was this new remedy for the stretch marks, you can understand that by now i was genuinely frustrated because i had resigned to my faith of having these ‘tattoos’ all over. 

But he said it was worth the try and that it was cheap and organic, so i said ‘ ‘what the hey’ and we ordered the product and it arrived in less than 3 days.

Unlike most products, this one had was very skin friendly, i didn’t burn, it was soothing. The crazy thing is, after just about 2 weeks, these stretch marks i was sure were permanent started to fade, i couldn’t believe the oil was that effective. So i stopped applying the oil on a particular part of my body. So i would see if the stretch marks were naturally fading or it was the oil. 

It actually works

After the first month, the difference between the areas i applied the oil and and areas i didn’t was outrageous. I have tried almost every stretch mark cream you could think about so i had little or no faith in stretch mark creams or soaps or whatever. I just hoped that i could save enough to do more laser surgeries to to fade as much of the stretch marks as i can. 

But with the results i saw after the first month, i had hope that on my 45th birthday, i could actually go to the beach with my family without feeling insecure! 


I promised i was going to tell my stretch mark secret. For those of you that have read this far, well congratulations lol. SPARKS stretch mark oil! is the one and only stretch mark remedy i can recommend. I’ll take the next two paragraphs to explain how the oil works so you can also have testimonies too. 

Sparks Stretch Mark Oil

Most of you might think this is a promo of some sort but i assure you it’s not. This has been my saviour and i wished i had found about it earlier, all my friends who are about to be pregnant or who work out use it and they all have testimonies too. 

The best part of it is that the oil is organic and skin friendly so you don’t have to bother about side effects or unecessary burns.  


The oil comes in two types;

  • SPARKS Gold
  • SPARKS Silver

The both oils are great when you use them together but it is important to note that they shouldn’t be mixed together. Instead, it is advisable to use the both oils at different times i.e. Sparks Gold in the morning and Sparks Sliver at night. It is also important to note that the Sparks silver has a high level of vitamin A so pregnant or breast feeding mothers should instead use the SPARKS Gold as it is more pregnancy friendly.

As we draw to the end of this article, i hope you take that leap of faith and go get your solution to your stretch marks. 

How To Get

purchasing SPARKS stretch mark oil is as simple as ABC, all you have to do is visit www.maxcornerstone.com, and then your on your way to get those tattoos off your body. I hope my story motivates as we live in a world with endless possibilities, don’t let pessimists and negative thinkers stop you from getting a lasting solution to your problems. 

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