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Dr Costi’s Advice On Stretch Marks

Many people have stretch marks on different parts of their body. You’re reading this because you probably do or know someone who does, that’s how rampant stretch marks are. 

Firstly, you must know that there are two types of stretch marks.

Stretch marks will first appear on the skin as red stripes(striae rubae), before gradually fading into a white color(striae albae).

It is oftened said that striae albae is a more intense and difficult level or type of stretch mark and rightfully so.

Therefore, it is advisable to start treatments when these lines are red before they become white, because this will give you much better results But if you have white stretch marks already, you need not fear, SPARKS stretch mark cream is a trust worthy solution. The organic nature of the oil makes it skin friendly plus it also contains vitamin A and E to help heal the torn skin tissues.

SPARKS Stretch mark oil

I’ve been getting recommendations and positive testimonies about SPARKS stretch mark oil. patients around the world are testifying to the healing power of the oil with zero side effects. Need i mention, SPARKS stretch mark oil is also very affordable so it’s going to save you tons of money from laser surgeries and fake products.


  • SPARKS Gold
  • SPARKS Silver

How To Use

SPARKS stretch mark cream is easy to use and also very skin friendly so almost anyone can use it. Although it is important to note that the SPARKS silver contains a high level of vitamin A so pregnant and breast feeding mothers should use the SPARKS Gold instead. It is also advisable to use both oils but not not together, instead they should be used at different times of the day in order to get the best out of both oils. Both oils contain very contrasting ingredient base so mixing them might neutralize the healing power of the oil. 

I see a lot of pessimistic people on the internet saying there is no complete cure for stretch marks, well they obviously haven’t tried the SPARKS stretch mark oil. Have a little faith and order the SPARKS stretch mark oil on our website www.maxcornerstone.com



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