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Causes Of Stretch Marks In Port Harcourt

Today on the blog, we will be discussing results of my research for the causes of stretch marks in Port Harcourt. The market in the city is filled with a lot of fake products and also, there is high rate of demand for these products without ascertaining their validity. This has led many residents of this commercial city to have cause for regrets thereby destroying their faith in actual good products which believe it or not, exist.

Different factors have been found to be leading causes of stretch marks among residents of Port Harcourt. Factors ranging from pregnancy, Obesity, Fake creams containing corticosteroids and so on. let’s go in the detail and explain a few major ones.

Major Causes Of Stretch Marks In Port Harcourt.

Fake Products

The number of fake creams and soaps in circulation in port harcourt is outrageous. From my research, I’ve found out that some of these creams contain corticosteroids which can weaken the collagen in the body which is responsible for preventing the skin from tearing as it expands. So with a continuous application if this cortisone substances on the skin, stretch marks are bound to appear


Another leading factor that contribute to the causes of stretch marks in port harcourt is Obesity. people who are obese have their bodies expanding at an alarming rate which tends to surprise the collagen in the body. hence these marks begin to appear.


Most women not only in port harcourt tend to develop stretch marks during pregnancy or right after. this is due to hormonal and physical changes that occur in the body during this period. This imbalance can also be responsible for the development of this stretch marks.

Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions like Marfan’s syndrome and Cushing Sundrome can also be responsible for the development of this scars on the body.

It is important to note that knowing the different possible causes of stretch marks, so you can best prevent these ugly scars from appearing on your body.

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