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Causes Of Stretch Marks in Lagos

Lagos is a state with a high population, Research has also shown that a higher percentage of that population suffers from stretch marks. So today we will discuss the different causes of stretch marks in Lagos and what to do to prevent it.

What is a Stretch Mark?

We all have or know someone affected by stretch marks, but many of us don’t actually know what they are other than the ugly looking scar on the skin.

Stretch marks are more like a tear in the epidermis. These tears are caused by fluctuation in body weight, pregnancy, puberty among other factors. When the skin expands due to these factors, the collagen in the body might not be able to control these excessive expansion thereby causing these stretch marks to appear. Some

Major Causes Of Stretch Mark In Lagos


pregnancy has been researched to be among the leading causes of stretch marks in Lagos. with over 85% of women in Lagos affected by these marks during or after pregnancy.

Family History

Studies show that if your mother or sister has stretch marks, chances are that you also might have them. It is mostly common when the it is predominant in more than one family member.


Another factor that can be classified as one of the major causes of stretch marks in Lagos is Obesity. When the skin expands abnormally due to the increase in body weight, the collagen is taken by surprise, thereby causing the skin to tear in specific areas like the thighs, arms, breasts and so on.


Puberty is a phase of a growth in teens were the body experiences abnormal fluctuations in body weight and these could also result in stretch marks forming and appearing in different parts of the body.


Often referred to as Corstisone drugs, these have some severe side effects like rapid weight gain and this rapid weight gain could also be a catalyst to the appearance of these ‘tattoos’ on the skin.

Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions like Cushing Syndrome and Marfan’s syndrome could also be among the causes of stretch marks in lagos. Although this factor is not predominant among Lagosians, it cannot be ruled out.

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