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Blackheads On Legs

Blackheads on legs are very common especially among people with very oily skin. These are mostly referred to as strawberry legs. they are mostly caused by clooged up pores and exposed hair follicles among others factors.

Causes Of Blackheads on legs

Some very common causes on blackheads on legs include;

  • shaving
  • high humidity enviornments
  • clogged pores
  • excessive sweating
  • overly dry skin
  • health conditions like Folliculitis


Some common ways to get rid of blackheads on legs include exfoliation and regular moisturizing of the skin. But there is a treatment that guarantees that the speedy fading and complete removal of these spots. SPARKS stretch mark oil.

SPARKS Stretch Mark Oil

Do not be confused by the name, Sparks stretch mark oil is effective in dealing with all forms of skin blemishes and blackheads are no exception.

The oil is the first purely organic skin blemish oil as it all its ingredients are purely natural with no artificial chemicals. The oil contains vitiamin A so you can be sure that your skin remains as smooth as ever


  • Sparks Gold
  • Sparks Silver

Directions for Use

Sparks stretch mark oil is very easy to use and skin friendly so you can use it without fear of any side effects or later repercussions. Tests have been carried out by different health agents and our good remarks from our customers is a testament of the efficacy of sparks stretch mark oil.

It is important to note that SPARKS stretch mark oil(Gold & Silver) should not be mixed together. Rather, they should be used at different times. ie. Gold in the morning and Silver at night or vice versa. This is not because of any danger mixing both oils might cause, but for the simple fact that both oils contain varying ingredient base so mixing them might reduce the healing power of the oil.


Sparks silver contains a high level of vitamin A and this can be harmful to pregnant women and their unborn babies. Also breast feeding mothers are advised not to use Sparks silver. On the other hand, Sparks Gold has a moderate level of vitamin A which is healthy of everybody, this is a more advisable option for pregnant or breast feeding mothers.

In conclusion, blackheads on the legs shouldn’t be the reason you cannot show off your beautiful legs. Well if that has been a reason, now you know what to do.

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