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Black women stretch marks

So i’m going to read this email from the young black lady and then I’m going to elaborate on black women stretch marks because this is very crucial and very important and all of you black women dealing with stretch marks  listen to what I have to say.  “So, i’m a  black female, age 25 , I need to know about the products that you mentioned for stretch marks after pregnancy on black women I do not know the name of them I have now thick, black stretch marks on my side and a mixture of thick, dark and lighter stretch marks on my belly what can I do about them, please?”

OK Guys Listen to me carefully,

what is a stretch mark?

A stretch mark is a tear on the skin due to several factors ranging from pregnancy, puberty, weight gain amongst other factors.

Well that’s what a stretch mark is, The skin tore tore, the top layer of the skin tore And it leaves a little kind of an indentation in the area that to you and let’s say to a black person, but even to a white person it will just show itself in a different color, will look like zig zag lines and will be in black people it’s lighter, than their regular skin.

Listen to me And I need you guys to understand this, When I talk about stretch marks, I’m talking about prevention and also correction because the worst feeling is feeling hopeless because you think nothing can be done about your situation.

you hear most people say stretch marks are tears and cannot be fixed. But what they forget to mention is that the skin naturally has ways of repairing itself and this tear (stretch mark) is no different. you just have to find the right catalyst to speed up the healing process. most times you find yourself thinking; “it already happened, how am I going to fix this? How? How am I going to fix this? It will be nearly impossible to fix this with any product.” 

Although for pregnant black women, i’ll advice you to use coconut oil on your skin before you get stretch marks. So if you are going to be pregnant, you start using the coconut butter or coconut oil but the pure thing, not the stuff that they sell in advertised ’cause that’s garbage You want to use the pure, pure coconut oil, coconut butter, either or, makes no difference Whatever they call it it’s the same thing You can buy it at the health food store, pure, hundred percent pure.

What this coconut butter or coconut oil accomplishes is, it gives you skin which is something that does stretch and is something that does breathe, it gives your skin more more space to stretch It gives it more elasticity It doesn’t allow the skin to tear as fast because it gives it nourishment and it gives it moisture So it allows the skin to stretch a little bit longer before it tears.

SPARKS Stretch Mark Oil

Having said that, finding hundred percent pure coconut oil or butter is as hard as searching for a needle in a haystack. This is due to the high rate of adulterated oils in the market. Although a solution you can trust is SPARKS stretch mark oil. with a highly orgnanic nature and prescence of aloe gel, you can be sure that SPARKS stretch mark oil is the best solution to black women stretch marks. 


SPARKS stretch mark oil comes in two variances;

  • SPARKS Gold
  • SPARKS silver

How To Use

Sparks stretch mark oil has all the nutrients and components to make it skin friendly so you need not bother about any side effects. However it is advisable not to use both variances of the oil together. Instead it is better if you use the SPARKS silver in the morining and SPARKS gold at night or vice versa. 

Note that this isn’t because of any abnormalities mixing both can cause, but for the simple facts that both oil contain contrasting ingredient base so chances of both oils neutralizing the potency is very high. 

It is also important to note that black women stretch marks are not an exception as SPARKS stretch mark oil is more than capable to deal with these tears. 


SPARKS silver has a high level of vitamin A which might have adverse effects on pregnant women and breast feeding mothers. So it is advisable that pregnant women use only SPARKS gold so as not to harm her or the child.

In conclusion, SPARKS stretch mark oil can be gotten on the website www.maxcornerstone.com. Place your deliveries and your product will arrive at your location as soon as possible depending on your location.



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