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Azelaic Acid Benefits and Functions

Azelaic Acid Benefits and Functions
Azelaic Acid Benefits and Functions

Azelaic acid is in the class of medication called dicarboxylic acids, this class acid is however mild on human skin, it exfoliate the skin and helps it unclog pores and also refines the surface of the skin. it is a good antioxidant

This acid is derived from edeable grains such as wheat, barley and rye

Azelaic Acid benefits and functions

  1. it is an effective antioxidant
  2. It Improves skin texture evenness
  3. it reduces skin blemish
  4. Azelaic acid reduce redness
  5. It is used in the treatment of skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, acne and pimples, skin inflammation. As for acne azelaic acid kills the bacteria that causes acne and infect skin pores.
  6. Azelaic acid is an antibacteria
  7. it has anti keratinizing properties in it
  8. Azelaic acid is also used for hair loss treatment.
  9. It heals bumps

Azelic Acid Side Effects

While Azelic Acid helps the skin to renew itself, it can also have some obvious side effects on some skin types. We advice that you seak medical attention or stop the usage if you see any of the side effects of Azelaic acid below:

  1. Changes in your skin color
  2. Itching and severe tingling
  3. Severe dryness, redness and peeling of the skin or other obvious skin irritation
    4.Sun burn
  4. difficulty in breathing
  5. swelling of the throat, lips and tongue and face

Although this is not the comprehensive list of Azelaic acid side effects, make sure you visit the hospital for medical attention if you notice any of the Azelaic acid side effects or any other suspected effects.

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