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Hello everyone, today i will be telling you a story of how acne ruined my confidence.

If you have ever struggled with acne, you know how hard it can be.  I have struggled acne since I was 17 years old. Before, I never go outside without make up or without applying foundation or concealer just to cover up my blemishes and acne. But now I’m here talking with you right now with my bare skin and with my blemishes and my pimples are so red I have large painful acne cysts and nodules. Trust me i have tried everything already.

I have tried to treat them with acne treatments over the counters, I have tried vegan diet, clean eating facial clays, apple cider, vinegar, benzoyll peroxide, and no significant improvements. I have oily skin that gets inflamed and worsen with stress, I’ve tried antibiotics after antibiotics injected medication by dermatologists but the treatment helped me for a few days, only for my acne to flare up again the next few days. it felt like nothing was working. The medicines are working but after a few days, there’s a new pimples again. You know the feeling when you just go outside, you want to wear masks because you are embarrassed with your face.

I know what it’s like to stand in front of the mirror and not like a single thing that you see, checking the mirror first thing in the morning to see how your skin looks, talking with a friend and suddenly wondering if they are looking at your skin and sometimes you don’t want to go sleep overs because you can’t stand the thought of people seeing you with your bear skin without concealer or BB cream. It controls what you do and what you wear and how you think. When you are a teenager It really sucks But because everyone else has pimples at that age is not that really big deal but if you are an adult 22 and above, it’s really horrible.

Acne is more than just a skin condition, it can affect the way you feel about yourself, you will have a low self confidence.

So one day as i returned from the gym feeling depressed as usual, I came across an ad on my phone as i was checking my Facebook where i rarely post. Then i saw this advert about an ointment that had many people testifying to it’s healing power and efficacy. people from all over the world were dropping good comments about how the oil gave them hope and saved them from their skin conditions that looked almost impossible to treat. I did my research and i found their website.

That was when my miracle story started. for someone who had gone to the dermatologist, tried several treatments, i had my doubts but i also had this feeling of hope, it was small but it was there. 

The name of the ointment was SPARKS stretch mark oil but apparently, it cured different skin blemishes and conditions. Later that day, i ordered the product and it was so fast and easy, it got to me the next day!

I followed the instructions for use and used the oil judiciously morning and night. After 2 weeks, i started to notice something, my skin was actually clearing up! and my skin felt so smooth. So i kept using the oil and now you can barely notice any signs of acne on my skin and i go out without make up or concealer proud and happy.

SPARKS stretch mark oil didn’t just treat my acne, it renewed my confidence in myself and also gave me another chance at life.

Many of you reading this might be suffering from one skin problem or the other; stretch marks, black heads, acne or any stubborn skin problems. I’m here to let you know that there is hope. don’t let whatever you’re going bring you down. Be hopeful because Sparks stretch mark oil works!

Thank you for reading my success story, i can’t wait to read yours! 

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